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Youtube Promotion

Have your Very own YouTube Business promotional Video made at Dominic Beirne production Studio in Stratford upon Avon.

Youtube Promotion Services - get your own video for YouTubeContact Dominic Beirne today

and  have YOUR VERY OWN

YouTube Promotion Video made.


Dominic will guide you how to present yourself professionally on video, how to deliver your very own 90 seconds to 2 minutes promotion script. He will also create your very own YouTube promotion channel and show you how to link your video to your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and your twitter account

He will then film you giving your presentation. Once you have completed your presentation and you are happy with it, he will then professionally edit your video over the next few day, adding to it all of your contact details. as well as your company logo.

Your promotional video will be live on your own YouTube promotion channel within a few days of filming.

Dominic has extensive experience in producing professional and effective YouTube videos. Take advantage of his expertise and take full advantage of the marketing opportunities that YouTube can offer you!

Your Coach & Producer: Dominic Beirne

Cost:  £199.00 Deposit £40.00

All Cheques are to be made payable to: The Dominic Beirne School and sent to the address on the Welcome Page.

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