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Fear Suppression

Fear of the doctor or dentist? Hypnotise yourself

For those who master self-hypnosis, fears of visits to physicians or dentists tend to fade into nothingness. Even those not too adept can raise their pain thresholds; others can even induce anaesthesia to the point of not needing drugs at all.

If a drug is used to kill pain when a patient is in hypnosis, a lesser amount is required-a definite advantage. Hypnosis can be helpful in preventing shock, nausea or urine retention, and can measurably speed up healing. Motivation can determine the depth of hypnotic relaxation, which is attainable. Escape from pain is a very powerful motivation. And self-hypnosis can be learned very quickly with the help of a competent hypnotherapist.

Perhaps most important is the fact that the necessity of a trip to the dentist, or to a physician, can promote tension, stress, anxiety or outright fear. It need not be necessary to go through these reactions. Self-hypnosis can bring about deep relaxation, calm acceptance of the situation, freedom from apprehensions. Such can be effective even with relatively young children-say above age six. At some ages it might be necessary for the parent or guardian to guide a child through relaxation procedures. But the benefits will be well worth the effort. Of course, a tremendous advantage is the post-visit experience when the patient realizes the previously feared encounter was neither painful nor traumatic.

Future apprehensions dwindle, therapeutic work will prove more effective, recovery will be accelerated and the techniques of self-hypnosis, once learned, will last a lifetime. We have provided Fear Suppression techniques for many years now and our success rate is first class. If you would like either therapy in Fear Suppression or would like to learn how to help other with Fear Suppression please contact us for a prospectus.

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