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Below are some of our genuine testimonials from people who have been on our courses or undergone therapy and training with Dominic Beirne. These testimonials are a random selection taken from many testimonials we have received over the last 25 years.

Brigitte Stubbs, France
June 11, 2007

To make a generalisation I would say that usually one books a course, pays for the course, goes on a course and… that”s it! Your course has been a course like no other and I can only thank you for your dedication in sharing your knowledge, your patience with questions and various emotions; you have been teacher as well as therapist so thank you for what you have given me and helped me find within myself. As I said to a friend the course is worth its weight in gold for all the personal gain even if one were never to practice! I have had a thoroughly enjoyable time, met with lovely people and can very happily say that I experienced very sound training. I would recommend Dominic”s Supervision Days for the easy exchange of ideas – and much more – they offer.


Penny Samuals, UK
July 22, 2007

I trained with Dominic five years ago, having previously trained with another organisation. Dominic”s training was far, far superior in every respect, and the lessons I learned are still in daily use in my practice.



Douglas Clark, UK
July 19/07/2007

Dominic Beirne Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy School is I believe at the forefront of Hypnotherapy and NLP training, in a nutshell, it is in a class of its own. Prior to studying at Dominic”s training establishment, I had been a senior teacher and had a proven track record in industry and more importantly I feel had completed Hypnotherapy training via approved and very well structured Distance Learning Courses. However, it was only upon attending the Dominic Beirne School, that I realised just how much there was to learn within both Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP. Dominic and his training staff took all of the course participants through an experience of a lifetime and they did so with compassion, sensitivity and the upmost professionalism. At times they challenged existing beliefs, at times they nurtured and at others they simply instilled good practice and excellent skills. Now that I have entered full time practice, I find myself using the skills that I was shown with growing confidence, flexibility and a thoroughly client centred approach. I give thanks to Dominic Beirne and his excellent team for providing one of the bast practical courses to Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP that I have ever encountered.


Asif Mirza, UK
July 02, 2007

I came to get qualified and start a business….
I gained infinately more than that. I learned about myself in a way that makes sense to me. And in doing so was also infused with Dominic”s passion, experience and energy about hypnotherapy which has turned a job into a passion for me too. Dominic offers more than a just a course, its a life experience to be thankful for.


Charlotte Reynolds, UK
June 08, 2007

I have done many training courses before – you helped me put it all together. I now have a very clear perspective and I know I”ll continue to build on this into the future.


Jane Evans, UK
June 08, 2007

Dominic teams verve, excellence and ability to instruct are highly effective.


Paul Wilson, UK
June 08, 2007

Your enthusiasm is contagious, your competence inspires trust and your generosity of spirit are the qualities that helped me really learn on many different levels.


Marlene El Hachem, Lebanon
July 07, 2007

Dominic is an entertaining, dynamic and honest speaker, and his teachings have changed my life.
Dominic has a gift for being able to distill abstract principles into results that work. His material is practical, easily learned, and although deceptively simple, it is extremely powerful.
Dominic”s course is a great value and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in increasing his or her quality of life..


Dave Mills, UK
May 07, 2008

As you all know by now, I am a man of far too many words, but I just wanted to say that I”ve had a ball with you guys over the past 4 (nearly 5) months. I”m gutted I”m not going to cross the finishing line with you all, but I will be thinking of you all next time.
I think I said this after the first module, but I really don”t believe I would have learnt as much had I been with a different bunch of people.
Keep practising and remember “it”s okay to take notes”!!!


Elizabeth Miles, UK
February 17, 2010

Superbly professional day course. Amazingly fast and effective method.A WOW factor day.


Elizabeth Brooker, UK
August 17, 2010

Dominic, it was a wonderful course, I learnt so much.  It made me aware of how much I can help not only my music students in reaching their full potential, but also people in all other walks of life and with a great diversity of problems. Thank you!

www. hypno-elizabethbrooker.co.uk


Vikki Holloway, UK
December 14, 2010

I have recently finished the Master Practitioner NLP course with Dominic and I have enjoyed every minute of it. As well as taking on new information it really helped to cement learning from the previous course and refreshed the way in which I do things.  Dominic is helpful, friendly, funny and has so much knowledge to impart; I would recommend his courses to anyone wanting to learn from someone who really knows what they are talking about.



Paul Tansell, UK
June 24, 2011

An awakening, a change of perception to what hypnotism is about and a positive one.
Course content: right on.
Course tutor: amazing, knowlegable, sportive and a therapist in hynotherapy par exellence.
Thank you Dominic, Jackie and Paul!


Phyl Painter, UK
June 24, 2011

A fantastic interactive mind expanding experience.
Lots of practical work offered in a relaxing informative way.
A great experience; excellent value and support in every way.


Catherine Chadwick, UK
July 02, 2011

Thank you very much for the excellent EMDR workshop.  I thought it was very well structured and took us through each stage in a way that facilitated understanding.
I very much value having the course notes to take away. They are well written and I appreciate having the background to EMDR and its theory.
Many thanks.

Sophia Steeden, UK
Hi Dominic
I really felt that I had to write to say how much I enjoyed the EMDR workshop yesterday. It was a great hands on experience, which was excellent as I learn so much more from practicing, especially when a good tutor is on hand to advise and help. I had attended an EMDR course in the Warwick area last year, but never felt confident enough to use it on complicated case. I am now fully prepared and have already put treatment plans together for 3 returning clients this week! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their skill set as an informative and good value course. I will be keeping an eye out for other courses run by you. Many thanks. Sophia Steeden


Maria Khalife,Lebanon

When it comes to Dominic, teaching is an art. Unlike many trainers, Dominic is active in sharing his knowledge, determined and confident to help improve the mindsets of therapists and practitioners. It is really hard to put a measurement on my training with Dominic, but the only thing I can say that it was “beyond expectations”. It was an authentic experience of professional, high standard and ethical training in hypnotherapy and EMDR as well. Very well paced, the time flew by…

Thank you Dominic for sharing with me your unique skill base knowledge and know-how. Till we meet again… wish you the best.


Maria Khalifé.

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