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Certified Hypnotherapy and NLP Course

Learn how to hypnotise & utilise successful hypnotic patterns to produce profound therapeutic change in yourself and others.


Stratford upon Avon


Dominic Beirne





Course Description

 This Eight-month diploma course in Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy and NLP is in three modules. (Two days a month for eight months (16 days attendance in total) Start Date: 14th & 15th Sept 2024


For each Module of the Hypnosis Courses the theoretical teaching is supported by Tutor demonstration and then practice by the student. Each Module has the practical component built in.


You Will Learn:


Module One:


  • Principles and Practice of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP, including.

  • The History of Hypnosis

  • The Nature of Hypnosis

  • States of Trance Rapport

  • Hypnotic Phenomena

  • Introduction to NLP Mirroring

  • Pacing and leading Ericksonian

  • Induction Techniques

  • Deepening Suggestion

  • Post Hypnotic Suggestion

  • Eye-accessing cues

  • Utilization

  • Ideo-motor response

  • Regression

  • Representation Systems

  • Pain Management

  • Stress Management

  • Smoking Strategy

  • Obesity

  • Healing

  • Comfortable Childbirth

  • Amnesia


Module Two:


  • Advanced Pain Management

  • The Outcome Frame

  • Anaesthesia

  • Analytical Hypnotherapy

  • Gestalt Therapy

  • Esdaile State

  • Advanced Regression Healing in Hypnosis

  • Parts Therapy

  • Past Life Regression.


Module Three:


  • What is NLP

  • The Presuppositions of NLP

  • Representation Systems

  • The Milton Model

  • Submodalities

  • Anchoring Excellence

  • The Swish Pattern

  • TOTE Model

  • The Meta Model

  • Changing Personal History

  • The Fast Phobia Cure

  • Negotiation Between Parts

  • Reframing

  • Visual Squash

  • New Behaviour Generator


Students are encouraged to expand their understanding by reading around the course materials supplied although the materials are complete in themselves.

Your Trainer:

Dominic Beirne PhD (Trainer of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy)

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