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Certified Addiction Therapy Course

  • 12Weeks

Course Details

CERTIFIED ADDICTION THERAPY Online Learning Course This course spans 12 weeks (3 months). If additional time is needed, please contact us. Welcome to this Certified online/home-study course on becoming an Addiction Therapist. The Online course covers a wide area of understanding that is needed to successfully help individuals to overcome their addictive behaviour, regardless of what particular addiction they may have. This course includes an online written manual. as well as accompanying videos which include myself working with a real- world heroin addict, as well as a ten week follow up with her where she reports that she is still completely free from all drug related problems. In the first part of the manual, you will be provided with a more scientific explanation of the brain functions, and how these functions effect addictions. The second part of the manual covers in greater detail some of the techniques we employ in order to help people to overcome their addictions, and more importantly how to remain free from them. For more information on how you can become an Addictiction Therapist, and all the opportunities that will offer you, then please do feel free to Contact Us on the link provided.

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