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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Course

  • 52Weeks

Course Details

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Online Learning Course This course spans 52 weeks (12 months). If additional time is needed, please contact us. With this online Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy home study course, you will learn Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Upon completion, you will receive a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, and a Certificate as a Practitioner in NLP. The course consists of 10 Modules and 2 comprehensive Manuals. 'Internationally Acclaimed' trainer and therapist Dominic Beirne will demonstrate and explain the entire course, making it accessible from beginners to advanced learners. To meet the requirements for these professionally recognized diplomas and certifications, you must complete 4 worksheets and 2 detailed essays. Course Content: Module 1: Non-Verbal Pacing & Leading, 7+-2 Induction, Staircase Deepener, Yes & No Finger Signals, Re-induction Cue, Hands Closing Together Induction. Module 2: History of Presenting Problem, 5,4,3,2,1 Induction, Safe Place & Stress Management, Heavy Arm Deepener, Self-Hypnosis. Module 3: Eye Accessing Cues, Calibration, Elman Induction, 1-20 Induction, Arm Levitation Induction. Module 4: Correct & Incorrect Induction, Inducing Anaesthesia, Information on Pain, Rapid Handshake Induction, Control Panel Method, Esdaile State, Surprise Handshake Induction. Module 5: Free from Tobacco, Weight Management. Module 6: Meta Model Demonstration, Information on Presenting Issues, Parts Therapy, Desensitization Process. Module 7: Regression to a Happy Time, Rapid Hand Pressing Down Induction, Regression Model. Module 8: Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Dream Therapy. Module 9: Change with Submodalities, Swish Pattern, Creating an Anchor, Collapsing Anchors, Fast Phobia Cure, Visual Squash, Fast Allergy Cure, Six Steps Reframe Model. Module 10: Introduction to Analytical Hypnotherapy Model, Trance Induction with Re-Induction Cue, Analytical Hypnotherapy Model.

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